Welcome to 2forcats, the leading website for cat (and dog) lovers. On this unique website you get to enjoy the very best!

At your disposal – professional articles to help you fully understand your cats and to live joyfully and harmoniously with them, as well as an online boutique offering the world's leading high quality products for cats, dogs and their lovers (of the two-legged variety!)

2forcats, the Rivi Mayer and Rini Haviv-Amiran collaboration was founded on love.

Rivi and Rini proudly bring you the very best for your very best friends.

All the products on the online store as well as in the actual store – have been professionally and lovingly handpicked over a long period of time, personally by Rivi and Rini, who import most of the products themselves.  

All items have been tested and approved by their very happy four-legged friends.

You are welcome to visit the website, enjoyably purchase great products, give your precious ones gifts and feel, each time as if you had made a quick visit abroad.

Rivi and Rini – Experience and work in the field

2FORCATS – The Boutique

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