2FORCATS – The Boutique

2FOR CATS – the boutique, opened February 1st 2008, on 147 Dizengoff, Tel Aviv (corner of Jean Jaures) (phone: 03-5298279), and constitutes a uniquely charming nook in Israel!

The beautiful and exclusive European style boutique, offers unique high quality products, best suited for any cat whoever he may be!

And though cats are Rivi and Rini's vocation and passion, they also love dogs very much (they have 3 dogs and 7 cats) and therefore wonderful high quality products await dogs and dog lovers in the boutique as well!


Mostly all products are personally imported by Rivi and Rini, after undergoing testing among other products for many months.

All products sold at the boutique have been carefully chosen, with much love, after a long period of time, by Rivi and Rini.

The products are chosen for their quality, professionalism and of course their suitability for the cats' needs on all counts – physical, behavioral and emotional.

Each and every product will provide many hours of fun for the cat and the humans who love him! Rivi and Rini make sure to note that every product is fully guaranteed and can be exchanged (within a reasonable time frame), if the cat or its owner is not fully satisfied with the product.

The products that are sold in the unique and first of its kind in Israel boutique, are only a sample from the extensive selection that is making its way to Israel, to be sold at the boutique.

Rivi and Rini are well connected to the world's leading companies in the field, and they are meticulous about importing and selling to the cat (and dog) lovers the absolute latest, in every sense of the word!

Each season offers products that are suitable for that particular season – for instance - for winter – charming house-shaped beds, magnificent covers, beds in all shapes and sizes, clothing and sweaters for dogs – of the highest quality straight from Europe, as well as designer accessories made by the world's leading European companies in the field, designed especially for the cat's welfare.

Listed here is only a small selection of the singular products carried by the boutique, that until now were only attainable by visiting abroad! :

 Food and water bowls made of highly resistant materials and designed in an array of refreshing and pleasant colors, never-before-seen in Israel carriers – for cats and dogs – all made of the highest quality, most comfortable to use and of course easy to wash.

Spectacular and efficient collars (with an automatic opening for cats, as well as ones that glow in the dark), some are particularly stunning – with original SWAROVSKI crystals, fit for our kings and queens.

To go with the collars – leashes and harnesses for dogs, and in addition – a significant and unique item in the boutique – a beautiful tag in various shapes (heart, bone and more) – on which you can engrave, in no more than half a minute, on our brand new machine, the cat or dog's information and attach it to the new collar for their safety and longevity.

Exquisite toys – durable and guaranteed to gratify, even the laziest of cats. And many more amazing products!

In addition, you can find in the boutique – an abundance of products for you, cat and dog lovers!

Wonderful books in Hebrew and English (unique copies imported for the boutique), fabulous greeting cards, kitchen and home ware with sweet illustrations, door mats, diaries and calendars, and one more wonderful surprise: products exclusively designed for the boutique by the artist Yafit Riklin (Tifa-art) – stunning belts in various designs, pins, watches, hand bands, amazing wallets and much more, and everything with fantastic cat pictures.


And one more treat (figuratively and literally speaking) – Rini is in charge of baking wonderfully delicious cookies, made every Friday, freshly baked for the enjoyment of the dogs visiting the boutique with their loved ones.

The treats are made with all natural ingredients of the highest quality, such as – peanut butter, Kashkaval cheese, free-range eggs as well as health cookies!!

The dogs are crazy for them and tend to arrive at the boutique ahead of their owners…

2FOR CATS – the boutique, is one of a kind in Israel, and was founded on Rivi and Rini's vision. Both are extremely familiar with the advances made globally in the field, and in fact they implement their own dream while adjusting to the Israeli cat and dog lovers, who they had gotten to know on a personal level during their many years of work in the field.

 In the United States as well as in Europe, there are wonderful boutiques for cat and dog lovers – and it is undoubtedly the leading trend worldwide in recent years.

Now you can also find the fabulous products sold in big cities worldwide, in Rivi and Rini's incredible boutique in Tel Aviv, and all this – along with the expert consulting and understanding they generously offer in each visit at the boutique.

Rivi and Rini come with love to the boutique every day and it shows in each and every corner and product in this special place.

Rivi and Rini's future plans naturally include opening additional branches of the boutique in Israel as well as abroad.

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