Rivi and Rini – Experience and work in the field

Rivi Mayer

- Over twenty years of professional experience (since 1986) in the field of the welfare of cats – care and behavior.

- Among the first in Israel to promote the status of the cat and its care to a professional level.

- Widely renown as the leading professional cat woman in Israel.

- Extremely involved in leading movements and changing the status of the cat in Israel.

- Internationally renowned and well connected.

- Founding and running The Cat Welfare Society of Israel (1990) – an organization that revolutionized Israel's perception when it comes to the treatment and care of cats – at home and on the streets.

- Founding and running special veterinary clinics and boarding facilities.

- In collaboration with Rini Haviv-Amiran – first in understanding the cat's needs and cat lovers – promoting the field of behavioral counseling, writing articles on a regular basis – for "Hai", the number one journal on animals in Israel.

- 2006 founding the 2 FOR CATS partnership together with Rini Haviv-Amiran, as a leading business for the welfare of cats, dogs and their lovers. This partnership provides professional services of the highest expertise, counseling on matters concerning cat behavior and care, as well as organizing conventions and lectures in the field.

- 2008 founding the first boutique in Israel in which all the products are of the highest quality and finest design – for cats, dogs and their lovers. The boutique is exceptional in its design as well as its concept, and in the products and knowledge offered to its clientele. The company's website: www.2forcats.com. Please visit and enjoy!




Rini Haviv-Amiran


- Specializes in the professional care of cats since 1997.

- Rivi Mayer's partner for the past ten years.

- Her leadership as a main activist in The Cat Welfare Society of Israel accomplished unprecedented achievements.

- A pioneer in the field of behavioral counseling for cats and cat lovers in Israel – with vast experience in dealing with challenges and problems.

- In collaboration with Rivi Mayer – intensively laboring throughout the years to promote the treatment of cats, achieving unprecedented results, effecting in a positive way the lives of cats in Israel.

- Writing articles on a regular basis – for "Hai", the leading journal on animals in Israel.

- Founding the 2forcats partnership with Rivi Mayer, doing extensive work in the field.

- In charge of development in the company, with the desire to get the collaboration of Israeli artists who share the love of cats and dogs, such as Yafit Riklin – Tifa-art (manufacturing a special private line of products for the animal lovers – belts, watches, bags and much much more!)

- Developing a special series of homemade cookies, of the highest quality – for dogs (and in the future, for cats as well) for indulging and training purposes as well as for special health needs.

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